the Supplier General (generalsupplier) wrote in magie_melange,
the Supplier General

"Hello, HEELOOOO, is there anybody there?!?!" ::Knock, Knock!!::

Right in the center of the Main Hall of the Academy is a very large, strange, wooden, box. The Box itself is about 8 X 8 X 8 with small periodic holes drilled into it.

Upon closer examination the box is labeled as "Human-flavored Dragon Chow", with a not tacked on close by.

Dear Valued Customer,

Sorry for the delay in the delivery of your dragon food. There were some unforseen delays as the food kept running away and I kept having to catch more. But don't worry I have included some extra morsels to make up for that. Also in honor of this being the school's 1 millionth delivery and 250th year of being our loyal customer you shall be recieving a free complementory gift soon.

Supplier General

A sound eminates from the box itself, "All I remember is something about pie?! Can somebody get me out of here".

"Pie?!?! I never got to see any pie and the sign said it was excellent pie," another bewildered voice replies.

"Ya know, I still have a craving for pumpkin," another voice replies.
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