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In the Workroom, Late at Night (chat log)

malarauch: *sneaks into storeroom and steals what she thinks will work for a headache potion* *mutters about mean old Abbie the whole time*
MelusineBennet: Excuse me, Margaux -- can I help you? And why are you muttering about Abbie?
malarauch: *hides things behind her back* no. I'm fine. Just this girl I know.
MelusineBennet: Margaux, why do you have willow bark?
malarauch: no reason
malarauch: was just going to mulch my orchids
MelusineBennet: You do realize willow bark is hardly proper orchid food.
malarauch: right well I was going to try
MelusineBennet: indeed. You must not be fond of your orchids. There is headache potion on the third shelf, left side
malarauch: right, I'll remember that
malarauch: *tries to sneak over to the shelf* I thought I might try the willow bark on my roses as well
MelusineBennet: You'd be far better served leaving the willow bark with me so I can make some more bottles of potion to replace the one you will undoubtedly try to sneak out of her, and ask Rory for some dragon dung for your flora.
malarauch: who said I needed a potion?
malarauch: I was just looking
MelusineBennet: You are pale
MelusineBennet: Your jaw is clenched
MelusineBennet: and you keep moving your hand as if to massage your temples and stopping when you realise what you are doing
malarauch: I am not
malarauch: *tries to still hands and not look like she's going to barf*
malarauch: I was just exploring the school.
MelusineBennet: Of course
MelusineBennet: That's why you look like you're goign to collapse
MelusineBennet: There is a stool next to you. Perhaps you should sit
malarauch: *slinks over too stool* I'm fine really. Just was exploring the school
malarauch: *rummages in pockets for muggle migraine tabs*
MelusineBennet: Is that muggle medication?
MelusineBennet: Really, Margaux.
malarauch: What?
MelusineBennet: Are you sure you're all right?
MelusineBennet: I'm ready to walk you up to the infirmary
malarauch: I'm fine. Just slighty fuzzy.
malarauch: *finds medicine, sneaks tab into mouth and swallows*
MelusineBennet: All right. Now I'm insulted.
MelusineBennet: And that inteferes with my potions
malarauch: What?
MelusineBennet: so you're stuck on Muggle drugs for the night.
malarauch: I haven't taken any of your potions
malarauch: I didn't mean to insult you
malarauch: *looks worried and ill*
MelusineBennet: Margaux, you come down here looking like death warmed over, and take that Muggle crap when I have perfectly good potions here?
MelusineBennet: Good god, woman, you are sick
MelusineBennet: Here
MelusineBennet: ::charms glass of water::
MelusineBennet: drink that down right now
malarauch: My father's doctor gave them to me.
MelusineBennet: Bully for him. That stuff is all noxious chemicals.
malarauch: *takes glass of water* *keeps talking* It works, some.
malarauch: *sips water* It's not all so bad.
malarauch: The muggles have made great strides you know. *holds glass not drinking*
MelusineBennet: Right. I'd like to see what your kidneys look like right now.
MelusineBennet: Or rather not.
MelusineBennet: Great strides are all well and good, but natural ingredients are *always* preferable
malarauch: I'm sure my kidneys are fine.
malarauch: I'm sure it's natural.
MelusineBennet: ::dryly:: what colour is it?
malarauch: *sneaks a hand up to rub her temples*
malarauch: It's white.
MelusineBennet: yes. so it's all been bleached to look pretty for the stupid Muggle consumers.
malarauch: It's the same stuff found in turkey
malarauch: and caffeine
MelusineBennet: So why not eat a turkey and drink coffee?
malarauch: Are you calling me stupid?
MelusineBennet: No.
MelusineBennet: I am calling you Mugg.e
malarauch: *wrinkles her nose* I don't like coffee
MelusineBennet: Muggle.
MelusineBennet: Not the same thing. They just don't know any better.
malarauch: well I am half Muggle
MelusineBennet: And they are subject to a huge marketing complex that tells them it's healthy.
malarauch: It wouldn't be given to me if it wasn't healthy
MelusineBennet: But is it the *healthiest* option?
malarauch: *sets glass on table and attempts to get up, sitting back down then getting up again* Thank you though.
malarauch: I'm sure it was fine
MelusineBennet: Indeed.
MelusineBennet: My stores are open to you, if you have need, Margaux
MelusineBennet: You may avail yourself of them anytime
malarauch: It was just that brat Abbie's fault
malarauch: I will remember that
MelusineBennet: Did she attack you wiht an anvil to cause such a headache?
malarauch: no, just a ton of questions tonight while i entertained her for her parents
malarauch: enough to make you want to drink
MelusineBennet: I have that too.
malarauch: which I didn't. I know about mixing muggle medicines and alcohol
malarauch: I was entertaining her during one of Father's parties
malarauch: had I not known she was a Muggle, I would have hexed her silent and done everyone a favor
MelusineBennet: ::amused::
MelusineBennet: My compliments on your self restraint
malarauch: yes well, I took out my frustrations on a flowerpot when I got home
malarauch: *leans against counter* *quietly* I think I overexerted my energies.
MelusineBennet: ::quickly:: sit down, Margaux
MelusineBennet: ::steps forward in case she faints::
malarauch: *stubbornly* I'm fine.
malarauch: Just a dreadful pounding between my eyes. It will pass. They always do.
MelusineBennet: How often do you get these?
malarauch: They will pass. It's nothing
MelusineBennet: I think you need to go lie down, Margaux
malarauch: they show up when I'm stressed or have forgotten to eat. I've had them since I was a student.
malarauch: I will Ms. Bennet
MelusineBennet: Sine.
MelusineBennet: And let me walk you back to your rooms. I'd prefer to know you've made it back safely
malarauch: I'll be fine, I
malarauch: I would hate for you to go out of your way.
MelusineBennet: It is not a problem
MelusineBennet: I'd prefer to not have to explain to the Headmistress why I permitted you to walk back alone when you are ill
MelusineBennet: And I will simply expect the favor returned if I am in need.
MelusineBennet: ::holds out her arm::
malarauch: I'm fine, really, *leans against counter* *tries to fake a smile* See. I'm feeling much better.
MelusineBennet: Of course. Humor me.
malarauch: *swallows* If you insist.
MelusineBennet: Thank you
malarauch: *walks slowly on her own* It's really not neccessary.
MelusineBennet: Of course not.
MelusineBennet: ::hovers, attempting to appear as if she is not doing so::
malarauch: I hate to think that I am inturupting something
malarauch: *stops at one of the bathrooms* Excuse me please. *sicks very quietly* *comes back* You are sure I am not a bother?
MelusineBennet: ::hands her a handkerchief::
MelusineBennet: I'm positive. Let's get you back to your rooms, and I'll have a house-elf bring some tea.
malarauch: *turns colors* I'll be fine really.
MelusineBennet: Of course. A nice cup of tea tends to be a very effective cure-all.
MelusineBennet: Usually only temporary, but we take what we can get.
malarauch: *smiles* Perhaps
malarauch: *reaching rooms* I will be fine. Thank you Ms. Bennet.
MelusineBennet: Sine.
MelusineBennet: Are you certain?
malarauch: I'm sorry I forgot.
MelusineBennet: That's fine.
malarauch: Yes, I will be fine. I promise.
MelusineBennet: I'll stop by in the morning to see how you are
malarauch: I'm just going to lay down a bit
malarauch: you don't need to fuss over me
MelusineBennet: I am just ensuring my own peace. I hate breaking in new staff, I prefer that you remain hale.
malarauch: I am not going anywhere, I promise. You are stuck with me.
MelusineBennet: Good. We've put quite a lot of work into you already.
MelusineBennet: Go sleep it off, Margaux. I'll stop by in the morning.
malarauch: Good night. And thank you
MelusineBennet: you're welcome.
MelusineBennet: ::listens through the door until it sounds like Margaux has gone to sleep, before returning to her Workroom::
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