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IM Messages between Margaux LaRauch and Melusine Bennet 8/25/04

Malarauch:save me from the children please
MelusineBennet: I hate the children
Malarauch: agreed
Malarauch: can I kill them
MelusineBennet: no.
MelusineBennet: it is not encouraged. leads to inquiries
Malarauch: ah
Malarauch: even if its a Muggle child?
Malarauch: Why do they not do their summer studies?
Malarauch: And why must I help them?
MelusineBennet: I'll return in a moment.
MelusineBennet: sorry. had to go tend to a cauldron
Malarauch: that's alright, I have a child in here demanding attention
Malarauch: he's dreadful
Malarauch: he did not do his required project this summer and now wants me to help him finish
MelusineBennet: Send him off to an upper class student for help
MelusineBennet: If he can find one
Malarauch: he's a Muggle student from my hometown
Malarauch: he knows no one yet
MelusineBennet: Then this shall be an excellent way for him to learn
MelusineBennet: You can't let him grow dependent on you now, Margaux
MelusineBennet: Let him carve out his niche
Malarauch: I realize that
Malarauch: I just remember how lonely it was my first few days
Malarauch: knowing no one and not understanding the world around me
MelusineBennet: send him off with his assignment
MelusineBennet: and tell him he can stop in for tea tomorrow
MelusineBennet: but keep it to a minimum of contact at first
Malarauch: He seems to understand the concepts in his defense
MelusineBennet: a close relationship with a professor won't help him make friends with his classmates right now
Malarauch: I think he was just coming in for security
Malarauch: it's not even my assignment he wants help with
Malarauch: it's actually his work for your class
Malarauch: please don't be upset with him
Malarauch: I am only watching him work, he's having to find the answers for himself
MelusineBennet: good.
MelusineBennet: I'll have him come for extra help if he seems to need it
MelusineBennet: bring him down and introduce him to me some afternoon
MelusineBennet: perhaps he won't hesitate to seek help if he needs it then
Malarauch: he doesn't seem to need the extra help, I think he's just nervous about being "in our world"
Malarauch: I will bring him down
Malarauch: his mother is sick again, which I think motivated today's visit
Malarauch: ah he's gone back to his dorm
MelusineBennet: you need to be cautious about showing favoritism.
MelusineBennet: parents will scream at the first sight of anything they don't like
Malarauch: I will be cautious
Malarauch: I don't want to play favorites
Malarauch: but I do remember the isolation of being new
Malarauch: especially as a Muggle born student
MelusineBennet: Perhaps...
MelusineBennet: We rarely have Muggle-born teachers, and especially not from the local area
MelusineBennet: You have unique insight into this. Would you consider mentoring the Muggle-born first years?
MelusineBennet: I'll have to clear this with the Headmistress, of course
Malarauch: yes I would consider
MelusineBennet: but it would ease a lot of paths for all concerned
Malarauch: true
Malarauch: I was probably lucky that I understood my information rapidly and tried hard to stay in the background as much as possible when I was a first year
Malarauch: but I do remember being very lonely
MelusineBennet: The Muggles groups, do they call them?
MelusineBennet: Perhaps something along those lines?
Malarauch: that would be what they call them
Malarauch: I think
MelusineBennet: I must head out. I have lesson plans to prepare
Malarauch: I must go as well
Malarauch: I have things to finish
MelusineBennet: have a good night, Margaux
Malarauch: You have a good night as well
MelusineBennet: good night
Malarauch: adieu
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