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L'Academie de Magie d'Orleans

The New Orleans Academy of Magic

Magie Melange
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Welcome to L'Academie de Magie d'Orleans, the New Orleans Academy of Magic. We are an institution of Magical and Muggle education, specializing in the local history and traditions of New Orleans, as well as teaching our students Muggle arts and sciences as well as the traditional European magics. Our faculty is diverse and widely studied, drawing on a range of traditions and backgrounds, and our student body, while centered on the American South, accepts students from across the United States and has, on occasion, invited foreign students to study with us as well.

Headmistress and Druidic Arts: saoirse_dehalle
Asst. Headmistress and Potions: melusine_bennet

Astral and Psychic Arts: open
Creole Magics: candidate currently being reviewed
Herbology: open
Magical Beings: rory_lejuene
Magical Theory: dennis_von_hahn
Muggle and Magical History: margaux_larauch
Muggle Studies: bryan_goldstein
Spellcasting: open
Transfiguration: gutundbose
Vaudan Studies: cezar_devroux

Caretaker: open
Head Nurse: open
Librarian: allira_mincarli
Headmistress' Messenger: hansthemonkey
Contracted Post-Agent: generalsupplier

We are currently interviewing to fill the open positions in our faculty and staff. Contact the Headmistress or Asst. Headmistress for further information or to apply.

magie_melange is an online RPG, based on the Harry Potter universe as filtered through the minds of a group of university students. We intend this as a light-hearted look at another aspect of life in the Wizarding World -- insanity is the name of the game. Harry Potter and all associated devices are copyright of people who aren't us, and have much more money than we do, or ever will. All are welcome to apply: we are too busy for our own good so we have few demands on anyone's time. Inquiries can be directed to the emails above. We are currently only looking for players to fill the teaching and staff positions; however, we will be looking for players for students later this summer.

DISCLAIMER: This game is run by college students. It is not politically correct or appropriate for children. Not that we can stop you from reading, but it's at your own risk. We can't be responsible for Cezar. We were once, but we're not anymore. Again: if you're easily offended (or under 13), buh-bye.