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I truly hope all your summer breaks have been wonderful but I fear I must interject some work into them. The time for another staff meeting has come to hand. Could the staff members please give me some times at which you are available so I may choose the best time posible for all to hold the meeting? I shall see you all then.
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De cajun be able to talk durin de day, mostly. Evenin's are not as regular, but rory'll try to schedule time to attend, if de oters wan meet den.

Just let me know when you need me to be there and I will apparate over from La Petit. Lord knows I would enjoy spending a day in the Quarter rather than over here supervising Clay and his friends.

Must run, I hear them plotting something.

Weekends are the best at the moment. During the week i am only free during the evenings, but not late.
Well, I'm due home this weekend, but if I Apparate back early Monday morning... that's Sunday evening US time. I think.

That's probably best, although I will apologise in advance for my inevitable Apparition-lag.

I must second Bryan -- a weekend evening would be the most convienent at this point in the summer.